• BYOD Information
    Chisago Lake High School continues the Bring Your Own Device program students started in 8th grade at the middle school. Chromebooks or basic laptops are the preferred devices and Chrome is our preferred browser as many of our programs are integrated with the Chrome Google platform. Families experiencing financial hardship can work with their student’s school counselor to explore options available to provide their student an educational device to use in the short or long term .


    For those who will be taking the following classes, the list below may help when purchasing school supplies and paying possible lab/shop fees for the class.

    Adv. Algebra II, Adv. FST,
    College Algebra & Statistics                              TI-84 graphing calculator, paper, and pencils

    Agriculture                                                               3-ring binders

    Algebra II                                                                  TI-30X IIS calculator or scientific calculator, paper, and pencils

    Automotive/Engine, Woodshop & Metals      $5.00 Shop Fee and Safety Glasses are require.
                                                                                        Students can purchase glasses in school for $2.00

    Culinary 1                                                                 $10 lab fee

    Culinary 2                                                                $15 lab fee

    Geometry                                                                 TI-30X IIS calculator or scientific calculator and pencils

    German/Spanish                                                 3-ring binder and notebook paper

    Physical Education                                             Sweat pants & sweatshirt or jacket (for outside classes)
                                                                                     shorts, t-shirt (must follow our school dress code policy)
                                                                                     gym shoes: no waffle soles or boots; you must be able to
                                                                                     run in your gym shoes. For the swim unit, a swim suit is

    Science                                                                 #2 pencils, pen, 2-pocket folder & notebook

                                                                                 Science 9 also needs a basic calculator Science 9 honors &
                                                                                 physics also need a lab notebook w/graphing paper

    Chemistry                                                          a Scientific calculator (required)
    College Biology                                                3-ring binder & non-graphing calculator