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Non-resident Enrollment Update

  • At the August 8th school board meeting, in accordance with the MN statute 124D.3, the board passed a resolution to close non-resident enrollment for 4th grade at Taylors Falls and Lakeside schools.  Non-resident families with a 4th-grade student are encouraged to complete a non-resident enrollment application to be placed on the waiting list.  Enrollment will be reviewed on August 23rd for possible open seats.  Thank you.


    The address where the biological/adoptive parent or other person having court-appointed legal custody of the student lives (sleeps) is considered the student’s primary address, regardless of where the student physically lives. You are not a resident of the district if you own property/a home in the district but do not live/sleep there.

    To determine your student’s resident district, visit pollfinder.sos.state.mn.us,
    the Legislative Coordinating Commission, or MDE's Mapper.

    If your student is a resident of Chisago Lakes School District, proceed to Enrollment as a Resident. If your student is not a resident of Chisago Lakes School District, proceed to Enrollment as a Nonresident (Open Enrollment).

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    Interested in transferring to another Chisago Lakes School? Moving out of the District and you want your student to remain at Chisago Lakes?

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