Driver's Education

Steps To Acquire Driver's License

  • Step 1:  30 Hour Classroom

    Each student must complete 30 hours of classroom instruction as mandated by Minnesota State law. Chisago Lakes Community Education offers three sessions during the year, register online.

    Step 2:  Permit Test

    Permit tests are provided the Tuesday after the 30-hour classroom instruction is complete. If the student was unable to make the provided testing site, failed the test, or was not old enough at the time of testing, students must obtain a blue card from Coreen. Students may take their test at the Lindstrom City Hall on the 2nd or 4th Tuesday of each month from 10-11:15 am, no appointment necessary. 

    DMV Practice Permit Test

    Required Materials To Take Permit Test:

    1. Certified Copy of Birth Certificate from County (Not hospital copy with footprints)
    2. Social Security Card or Current Student ID Card
    3. Blue Card (Disregard if taking the test in the classroom)
    4. Parent or Legal Guardian                                                                                                                                                       

    Step 3:  Blue Card

    Students age 15 or older will receive a blue card after completion of the 30-hour classroom. Some students may not receive this card because they took the permit test on the Tuesday after the 30-hour classroom and passed.

    Step 4:  Apply For Permit

    Once passed the permit test, please bring the students reciept of passing, money to purchase permit, parent, 2 forms of ID and students social security number to the Chisago Lakes License Bureau.

    Step 5:  Behind The Wheel Instruction

    When your student has passed the permit examination, call (651-213-2603) or email Coreen to set up their behind-the-wheel instruction. Students will then take 6 hours of behind-the-wheel.

    Step 6:  White Card

    At the completion of your student's sixth hour of behind-the-wheel, a white completion card will be given to the student. This is required to take the license test.

    Step 7:  License/Road Test

    Call Arden Hills at 651-201-7900 to schedule your student's road test in Chisago Lakes or Arden Hills (you must have permit number on hand when scheduling). Scheduling for Chisago Lakes? Road test takes place at the Lindstrom City Hall. 

    Requirements To Take License Test:

    1. Must hold a driving permit for at least 6 months
    2. Be 16 years old
    3. Completed 6 hours of behind-the-wheel by a certified licensed instructor
    4. Completed a supervised driving log

    Required Materials To Take License Test:

    1. White Card
    2. Driver's Permit
    3. Proof Of Insurance on the vehicle being used to test with
    4. Supervised Driving Log                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

    Step 8:  Apply For License

    Once passed the license test, please bring student's reciept of passing, money to purchase license, parent, and know your student's social security number to the Chisago Lakes License Bureau.

    Step 9:  Congrats!!

    Congratulations! Students have acquired their license and can drive themselves.

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