Facility Use & Rental

  • It is the policy of Chisago Lakes Area Schools to make available the use of school facilities primarily by citizens of the district. The implementation of this policy requires both individual and community cooperation. School facilities rules and regulations under this policy shall apply to all property owned and managed by the school district and shall be in effect at all times when the school property is not in use for regular educational programs. Users are broken down into five different classifications.

    First determine which classification your group falls into, then open the Facility Use Fee Schedule form below.

Group Classification

  • To make maximum use of school facilities with minimum conflict, it is necessary to arrange groups on a priority basis. Groups using the facilities will be classified as Class I through V with a Class I having highest priority for use when developing the annual master calendar. Thereafter, priority is on a first-come, first-serve basis by classification. 

    The classification of the group or organization is determined by its status and activity. The following classification criteria, listed in priority order, should be followed for the use of all facilities:

    Class I - School Related  All directly related school activities such as musical events, PTO, Parent Advisory Committee, athletic events, school productions, staff meetings, Community Education activities, etc.

    Class II - Public Agencies*  Local community groups which are tax supported

    Class III - Local Non-Profit*  Youth Non-Profit Organizations, Non-Profit Civic and Service Groups where the physical address is within the boundaries of the Chisago Lakes School District (the address is listed on the IRS C 3 certificate)

    Class IV - Local Commercial Groups In The District*  Individuals, groups and organizations within the boundaries of Chisago Lakes School District

    Class V - Out Of District Groups* Generally those organizations of the school will have first priority.

    *If use of a facility is requested during an unsupervised time, a charge for personnel (custodial) may be assessed.