Early Childhood Screening Paperwork

  • Your child is scheduled for an Early Childhood screening appointment at the Family Center at Primary School. To speed up the process, we have made available several pieces of paperwork for you to fill out prior to your child's scheduled screening.

Required Paperwork

To Submit Paperwork

    • Print out each piece and bring with you to your child's screening appointment
    • Email to ctheisen@isd2144.org

Informational Paperwork

Screening Location

Other Important Information

    • Questions? Call 651-213-2292 or ctheisen@isd2144.org
    • Appointments last 1.5 hours
    • State law requires an Early Childhood screening be completed by your child's 1st day of Kindergarten

About Your Child's Early Childhood Screening

  • Early Childhood Screenings check your child's: hearing, height, weight, immunization status, thinking & communication skills and social & emotional development. These screenings help a school district identify children who may benefit from district and community resources available to help in their development. Early childhood developmental screening includes a vision screening that helps detect potential eye problems, but is not a substitute for a comprehensive eye exam. You will have the opportunity to discuss the results of your child's screening with an Early Childhood Screening staff member.

    If you have any concerns regarding your child's development, early screenings can help identify problems. Even if you don't have concerns about your child's development, you'll have completed this Minnesota preschool requirement, and maybe learn some fun information about your child!