Winter Weather Information

  • Minnesota winters seem to create the potential for severe weather warranting school closings or delays nearly daily. We take the responsibility for each weather call very seriously despite the decisions never being easy.

    Our goal is to make the “right” call when it comes to closings and delays. Many variables are considered when attempting to best ensure the safety of students and staff as we attempt to accommodate all of the families in the District. Weather-related decisions in a district with a land area of nearly 165 square miles with varying land features from Chisago City to Taylors Falls will not always seem perfect. The status of neighboring districts may even be different.

    Keep in mind, we will do what we deem to be best for Chisago Lakes. Ultimately, a student’s attendance at school is a parent or guardian’s decision. If parents and guardians feel it is unsafe for their child to travel to school, the absence will be excused.

    Our Considerations:

    1. Can students get to school safely and home safely? Not only are students bused to school, but many students drive. We will take into consideration both modes of transportation when making our school closures and delay decisions.
    2. Weather forecasting. We’ll do our best to understand cold, wind, road conditions, and visibility. Keep in mind those 165 varying square miles in our District. We will utilize “spotters” (school employees and law enforcement) throughout the District to provide us with guidance when possible.
    3. Keeping routines for families and school. We all want students in school. School staff want to keep the learning going and parents wish to minimize disruptions to their daily routines. However, inclement weather may trump those goals. Parents and guardians, ultimately, you will make what you deem to be the “right” call for your student(s). It should be noted, however, that schools must meet state requirements for attendance and if cancellations exceed what is allowed in our calendar, make-up days may be required.

Winter Weather Frequently Asked Questions

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