CLHS Resource List

  • During this uncertain time, we want to make sure that students feel as supported as possible. If areas of need arise, we want to provide the appropriate resources so that you may best address the needs of you and your student. 

Emotional Support during COVID-19

  • Please check out Chisago Lakes District's new website centered on providing resources for emotional support for our students, their families, and our fellow educators during the COVID-19 pandemic and the distance learning period.

    CL Emotional Support Resources for COVID-19

Mental Health Resources

  • Below is a list of local agencies that provide counseling services for adolescents. If you are interested in accessing additional services, please contact them directly to ensure they accept your insurance provider, and for additional information.


    Grounded Living Ecotherapy Services
    Sheena Malm- 715-494-0004   

    Bridges and Pathways
    Nancy Hertz- 651-982-4792

    Therapeutic Services Agency

    ystrom and Associates
    Lakes Center for youth and families

    Canvas Health

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

    Crisis Text Line(CTL): Text MN to 741741 for free/confidential help. CTL crisis counselors can provide help if you are feeling anxious or depressed about the Coronavirus or other areas.                                         


    1. Your family doctor can help. Physicians can do an evaluation of your son or daughter’s physical and mental health and can discuss methods of treatment if necessary.

           2. Your medical insurance provider (phone number is on the back of your health insurance card) – you may need a referral from your insurance company prior to accessing counseling services or comprehensive mental health assessments.

Family Resources