• At Chisago Lakes Schools, we have several students throughout the district who are allergice to peanuts/tree nuts and peanut/tree nut products.  Reactions from these allergies range from mild to life-threatening.  There are several practices that will be in place to help prevent allergic reactions and keep all our students safe.

    • The Food Service Department offers WOWbutter, a soy butter option, in place of peanut butter
    • Smart snack options available for a la carte purchase do not contain peanuts or peanut products
    • Nutritional information sheets, with all the ingredients of food items are available in the school kitchen and health room

    To make our school environment safe for all students, please follow these simple suggestions:

    • Please remind your child never to share his/her food and drinks with other students
    • Please contact the classroom teacher before sending any food for sharing with the class for special celebrations like birthdays or holidays
    • Please remind your child to wash their hands before and after eating

    THANK YOU for supporting our students with food allergies and keeping all students safe!