Chisago Lakes E-learning

Secondary E-Learning Resources

  • Middle School e-learning will be conducted through Google Classroom. 

    • Activities and assignments will be posted by 9:00am

    High School
    e-learning will be conducted through Schoology. 

    • Activities and assignments will be posted by 9:00am
  • What is e-learning?

    If school is closed due to weather, we are adding e-learning days as another tool we can use. E-learning will continue that day at home through E-learning activities provided by each student’s teacher. This learning can take place through online tools or using offline printed resources.


    Why is Chisago Lakes implementing e-learning days?

    Depending on the grade level, all students have a required number of minutes/days of “seat time” that is set by state statute. Implementing e-learning days allows the learning to continue and better protects our calendars from the need to make up snow days at the end of a school year or during spring break. E-learning days can not replace the face-to-face time students have with their teachers, but they can help us maintain student learning due to unforeseen circumstances. 


    What about snow days?

    We would have three traditional Snow Days with no school and no academic expectations. We would implement e-learning days as needed for any inclement weather days beyond three Snow Days.


    Student expectations:

    • Access flexible learning activities
    • Complete activities and assignments
    • Communicate with teachers via email, phone or other appropriate method


    Parent Expectations:

    • Monitor and support student progress in accessing and completing activiites.
    • Communicate any questions to teachers via phone or email.
    • Students reported as absent by their parent/guardian will follow the school's makeup procedures to complete the work missed. 


    How will we take attendance?

    We will follow normal attendance procedures. Absences will be reported by a parent/guardian.


    What about unique learners?

    E-learning day plans are specific to those school sites and/or grade levels that are able to deliver online instruction to all students. Requirements of the plan include consultation with teachers, accomodations for students who lack access to the internet at home or digital devices, and accessible options for students with disabilities. If you have a concern about your child or your family's unique situation, please reach out to your child's teacher or building principal. 


    How will we communicate an e-learning day?

    E-learning days will be communicated via email, automated phone call, posted to our website and included in the information provided to local news agencies regarding school closures.