High Potential/Gifted

  • The Chisago Lakes Area School District has developed a program to support and challenge students identified as high potential/gifted and talented. 

    For more detailed information on identification and programming, please see our High Potential/Gifted Handbook. 

Project SEEK

  • Join us for Project SEEK another learning opportunity for high potential/gifted students. 

    Recommended students will receive an invitation in early March and student applications are due April 15th.     


Elementary Enrichment

  • Elementary enrichment is typically provided in grades K-5 with an Enrichment Facilitator pulling students out of class and working with students on challenging reading and math curriculum. Due to COVID-19, we have done our best to cohort students and not have them cross classrooms. So if you are looking for more challenging activities in the areas of reading, math, and STEM, please access the extra lessons below. There are new lessons each week.

    Click this icon to access Enrichment Activities in Reading, Math, and STEM by Grade Level.Enrichment