• The School Health Services team is comprised of nurses and health assistants working together to provide for the health care needs of all Chisago Lakes students, to protect and promote optimal student health, and to eliminate or minimize any barriers to learning. The school nurses are members of the Student Support Services Department and participate on the student assistance teams in their buildings.

    At each of our school sites the Licensed School Nurses (LSN/RN) assisted by the Health Assistants (HA) provide the following services for our students and staff:

    Licensed School Nurse   Health Assistant 
    Develop and supervise a system of first aid, illness management, emergency care and school health policy. Provide immediate first aid, comfort, and care to students who are injured or become ill during the school day.
    Provide and plan the direct services for chronically ill or medically fragile students needing health care procedures during the school day. Administer medications under the direction of the LSN, per request and authorization from the parent and physician.
    Serve as a resource to staff, students, and families regarding health concerns and health education. Assist with the employee and student incident reporting process.
    Assess health status and develop health care plans for students with health conditions. Process student immunization records, complete yearly AISR compliance report for the MDH. 
    Coordinate the prevention and control of communicable disease in the school setting. Assist with monitoring and providing information regarding communicable diseases.
    Plan and provide for student health screenings and referral follow-up. Assist with school health screenings and documentation to computerized health record.
    Are licensed in public health and school nursing. CPR, AED, and First Aid certified annually.
  • Please notify son or daughter's school nurse or the health office if changes occur in your child's health status during the school year. The nurse can interpret these changes for school personnel and will help to implement any modifications in the school program necessary to meet the needs of your child. She is available for consultation by phone and appointment to address any of your questions or concerns.

  • Chisago Lakes Health Services Staff


                                Tricia Jennissen , school nurse 
      (Primary School, Lakeside,
        Early Childhood)
    P Jennissen
                                Laura Gustafson , school nurse
    (High School, Pathway to Change,
    Wolf Creek Distance Learning)
                                Kori Severson ,  school nurse
    (Middle School, Taylors Falls)
                                Debra Willem , health assistant
    (Primary School)

                                Erin Petersen, health assistant
     (Taylors Falls)


                                Amy Larson, health assistant
    A Larson  
                                Jolene Nielsen, health assistant
    (Middle School)

    J Nielsen
                                Laura Stilp, health assistant
    (High School)
    Laura Stilp
                                Dana Stachowski , health assistant
    (Pathway to Change)