• Local Scholarships for Class 2023

    During Conferences on December 8th, There Will Be a Presentation on the Process for Applying to the Chisago Lakes Community Based Scholarships.  Included in That Presentation Will Be Information on the Scholarships Available and Directions on How to Apply.  Please Contact Your School Counselor in the Guidance Office with Any Questions Regarding Scholarships. 
    Local Scholarships for the Class of 2023 will be available beginning Tuesday, January 3rd, 2023. Local Scholarship Application Deadlines Are Stated Individually - See Each Application for a Specific Deadline.

    Chisago Lakes Education Foundation (CLEF) Scholarships and the Franz & Myrtrice Moody Scholarship Application Are Completed Online Only. The Online Application Link Can Be Found Below.  Directions on How to Complete Your Online Profile and Submit Your Application(S) Will Be Shared During the December Scholarship Presentation.
    The Online Application Submission Deadline for the Class of 2023 is Friday, March 3, 2023. 

    To Complete Your Profile and Submit the Online Application for CLEF and/or Moody, Click on the Following Icon:


    From the DFS page, you will create or log on to your personal account  

    **To ensure you complete your profile correctly and all information necessary to confirm your ability to apply for the Chisago Lakes Education Foundation scholarships and/or the Franz and Myrtrice Moody scholarship, ensure you access and follow the directions associated with the CLEF/Moody scholarship.  This information will be available to the class of 2022 in December. That document will take you step by step in completing the profile and applying for the scholarship(s). 

    Institutional Scholarships

    Institutional scholarships are those scholarships that are awarded by individual colleges and universities.  Many schools automatically qualify students during the application process, while others have specific applications and deadlines for scholarships.  Many of the institutional scholarships are awarded as a result of the student's FASFA. Always check with your school(s) of interest in their specific scholarship process. 


  • Regional & 

    In addition to Institutional scholarships, students can create an account with any or all of the following scholarship resources found below.  Click on any of the icons to take you to their websites. Once a student creates an account, scholarships matching their profile will be sent to them via e-mail.

    Tuition Funding   

       Student Scholarship


    Scholarship Experts

    RAISE.ME Micro Scholarship Program - Raise.me is a free micro scholarship platform where students can earn money for doing well in classes, visiting colleges, and participating in extracurricular activities. Students can begin earning money as early as the 9th grade.  Click on the icon below to set up a student account and follow schools of interest!                                                   

     Raise Me