• Winter Strength and Speed is a winter activity that runs from Mid-November to Early-March.  We will train four times a week Monday-Thursday, 2:45-4:30 pm after school. We will split the athletes up into two equal groups, one group will start in the weight room for resistance training and the other will start in the field house for speed, acceleration, and plyometric work. Our mission is to improve athletic performance in all areas, strength, power, speed, acceleration, quickness, and mobility. If school is not in session for any particular reason, we will NOT be training. The season will end in early March with the Wishbone Performance Meet. 

    Any questions?  Contact any of the following coaches:

    Kaleb Paehlke: paehlke.kaleb@gmail.com

    Bill Weiss: bweiss@isd2144.org

    Scott Buchkowski: sbuchowski@isd2144.org