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Food Service

We believe in providing our students with a variety of nutritious options that encourage healthy food choices beyond school. 

School lunch provides many students with the healthiest food options of their day, providing one-third of the recommended daily allowance of essential nutrients and calories.  Every meal is packed with fiber-rich whole grains, nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables, plus lean protein sources and lowfat dairy products.  Following federal nutrition standards, our school meals limit sodium, sugar, calories and fat. 

We have a dedicated Food & Nutrition Services team that is not only dedicated to preparing and serving appealing, healthful meals, but we also pride ourselves on providing a worry-free, fun atmosphere where students can take a break and get re-energized for the rest of the school day.  


Free Meals 

On March 17, 2023, Governor Walz signed the MN Free School Meals bill into law. The MN Free School Meals Program is a permanent program that provides state reimbursement to schools so that students can have one breakfast and one lunch at no cost at school.


What is NOT included in the MN Free School Meals Program?

Single item purchases and non-reimbursable meals are not free. Some examples include:

  • Extra carton of milk (One carton of milk is included in the free reimbursable meal.  If a student brings a lunch from home or would like an additional milk, it must be purchased)
  • Snack items
  • Second entrée
  • A second breakfast or a second lunch
  • Meals that do not meet the minimum requirements
  • Meals served to teachers, staff, and other adults

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Laura Cierzan
Food Service Director

Carrie Johnson
Food Service Secretary

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