COVID-19 Plan

  • 4/30/2020

    Dear Families,
    We hope this update finds your families healthy and well.  On behalf of the District, we continue to be thankful for our partnership.  645 surveys were completed last week to help guide our efforts… we appreciate the feedback!  For those that requested follow-up communication from schools, that has started. Thanks so much for reaching out!

    Regarding our meal service, I wish to provide additional information based on the questions we've been receiving.  There are no income requirements related to this service.  Government provision allows us to provide meals for all children 18 and under.  These are not just for those “in need” as we all have differing needs.  As shared in our April 17th communication, meals are another means as to which the School can provide support to families during these challenging times.  We know that needs are changing as well, so if you have not accessed our meal service and would like to, we will not run out of food or take food from someone else to meet your request.  Please click the link below to access our Meal Program.

    As reported last week, our staff will be using Friday, May 1st, and Monday, May 4th for planning learning for the remainder of the school year.  Students are not expected to be in session.  To provide clarity for the rest of the school year schedule, here are some important dates to remember:

    • Friday, May 22nd was planned as a Staff Development Day and will remain as such.  There will not be instruction provided to students on this day and there will be no Child Care provided.

    • The last day teachers will provide new assignments for your student will be Wednesday, May 27th.  The remaining five days of school will be focused on work completion, reteaching, intervention, enrichment activities, and the collection of materials and school-owned devices.  Attendance for students and interaction with teachers will be expected daily from May 28th until our student’s last day of school, Wednesday, June 3rd.

    Continued Reminders:

    Thank you so much for your continued support and hopefully, we’ll see you next week!

    Dean A. Jennissen, Supt.
    Chisago Lakes School District ​​​​​​​ 

    Do the Five to help stop Coronavirus. 1. Wash hands. 2 Elbow cough. 3. Don't touch face. 4. Stay more than 3' apart. 5. Feel

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