Strategic Plan

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    Goal: Implement a communication plan to better engage our stakeholders and to promote the Chisago Lakes School District.
     - We are committed to communicating with our stakeholders to increase pride and ownership in our school district. We have a shared interest in expressing a clear, concise message promoting our high-quality programs.

    A. Increase marketing efforts to attract, retain and engage families and strengthen our communities
    B. Effectively and consistently communicate with and amongst internal and external stakeholders
    C. Utilize multiple methods and channels of communication 

    Life Skills
    Goal: Prepare all students to become contributing members of a global community.
     - We believe that life skills are important to give students more control to improve the quality of their lives.  We are committed to providing students with cognitive, social, and emotional competence for long-term and sustained success.

    A. Engage community members in the process of identifying life skills.
    B. Develop and deliver a scope and sequence of life skills from early learning through graduation.
    C. Incorporate life skills across all academic, extra-curricular, and co-curricular activities.

    Comprehensive Programs
    Goal: Provide quality, high-level programs, and a variety of educational pathways for all learners to succeed in life after school.
     - We are committed to providing balanced educational programs, including academic, vocational, co-curricular, and extracurricular, to ensure all learners have the knowledge and skills to pursue their future plans.

    A. Present a well-rounded E-12 curriculum so that students are better prepared for life after school.
    B. Develop and deliver a consistent, guaranteed, and viable, curriculum in all grades across all programs.
    C. Increase educational opportunities for students to explore life’s pathways and serve as a resource to foster lifelong learning.

    Exceptional Workforce
    Goal: Invest in providing our students with a dedicated and engaging staff.
     - We are committed to the hiring, developing, and retaining exceptional staff to foster an environment of excellence within the school district. 

    A. Effectively target, recruit and hire high-quality professionals.
    B. Provide professional development opportunities for all staff
    C. Establish high-level expectations for all staff
    D. Implement a development and evaluation system that accounts for the diverse skills of staff.
    E. Celebrate workforce innovation and success.