• Charter School Authorizer

  • The Chisago Lakes School District is a charter school authorizer. We currently authorize one school, TRIO Wolf Creek Distance Learning Charter School located in Chisago City, Minnesota.


    To provide an educational opportunity within the borders of the Chisago Lakes School District that offers students unique, high quality, and personalized educational opportunities that are not inherently found in the Chisago Lakes School District offerings.

    The Chisago Lakes School District’s charter school mission is in accordance with  Minnesota Statute 124E.01 (2016) Charter Schools, which states:

    “The primary purpose of charter schools is to improve all pupil learning and all student achievement.  Additional purposes include to:

    1. increase learning opportunities for all pupils;
    2. encourage the use of different and innovative teaching methods;
    3. measure learning outcomes and create different and innovative forms of measuring outcomes;
    4. establish new forms of accountability for schools; or
    5. create new professional opportunities for teachers, including the opportunity to be responsible for the learning program at the school site.”  



    To authorize high-quality charter schools dedicated to increasing student achievement through unique, high quality and personalized educational opportunities.


    Organizational Goals

    1. Maintain quality portfolio of charter schools
    2. Increase school performance
    3. Encourage innovation and personalized teaching methods
    4. Improve pupil learning by increasing educational equity

    Organizational goals will be revisited and analyzed annually by the Charter School Authorization Team.