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    Reporting Bullying Guidelines

    Bullying defined:  Bullying occurs when someone repeatedly does or says something with the intent of hurting, threatening, embarrassing, and/or seriously alarming the other person.  Bullying can occur in person and/or through the use of technology such as computers and cell phones.

    Examples of Bullying:

    Bullying includes but is not limited to:

    ·        A threat of physical harm

    ·        Taking of personal property without permission

    ·        Name calling and verbal harassment

    ·        Spreading rumors

    ·        Causing embarrassment – ex: pulling your chair out from underneath you.

    ·        Physical contact such as shoving, hitting, etc.

    ·        Continuing to shove into you in the halls

    ·        Sexual harassment such as touching, whistling, inappropriate jokes/comments, etc.

    Why do people bully?

    ·        They have low self-esteem or lack of confidence that is satisfied by putting down others

    ·        For peer attention

    ·        They view it as “trying to be cool” in front of other peers

    ·        Bullying behavior is often encouraged or ignored by others

    Who to report bullying to:

    ·        Teachers

    ·        Counselors

    ·        Administrators

    ·        Other school staff

    ·        Parents/Guardians

    What to do when you see bullying occur: 

    ·        Reporting bullying is the responsible thing to do!

    ·        Ignoring or not reporting bullying is encouraging bullying behavior

    ·        Bullying can be reported confidentially through the use of the online reporting form. 

    ·        The names of the reporters will remain confidential. 

    ·        School Administrators should be notified immediately of any bullying that is witnessed or reported. 

    ·        Parents or Guardians may report bullying through our online form, or directly to CLMS Administration.

    Administrators will be responsible for investigating reports of bullying within 10 school days.  In the event that bullying has occurred, the administration will follow appropriate student discipline procedures.

    Click here to access the Bullying submission form.