• See Something, Say Something Reporting Link

    Chisago Lakes High School is providing a convenient and confidential way for students to report information about situations that might affect safety at school.  Anyone can access the See Something Say Something link any time - day or night to report concerns about bullying, unsafe, or potentially disruptive activities or situations. Examples could include drug or alcohol abuse, weapons, harassment, threats for personal or building safety, as well as discussions about a possible suicide.  All reports are confidential. Chisago Lakes High School will have a See Something Say Something link on its website under Important Links.  

    Administrators will be responsible for investigating reports of concerns about unsafe or potentially disruptive activities or situations. We ask those who report to provide as much detail as possible to help our investigation: date, time, place, gender, clothing, and name if able. Please note, persons who knowingly report false accusations will be subject to disciplinary action. In the event that an incident has occurred, your administration will follow appropriate student discipline procedures.

    Click here to access the See Something, Say Something link.