Superintendent's Message

  • 3/1/2021

    Dear Wildcat Families,
    We are excited to announce the return to full, In-Person learning for our students Grades 6-12 on the following dates:

    Middle School: Grades 6-8 - Monday, March 29th.
    There will be no classes or distance learning on Thursday and Friday, March 25th and 26th, as per Governor Walz’s Order, two transition days are required to allow teachers to prepare for full, in-person learning.

    High School: Grades 9-12 - Wednesday, April 7th.
    Monday, April 5th, and Tuesday, April 6th will be transition days for the high school.  Additionally, unique to the High School, we will need an At-Home Distance Learning Day for Grades 9, 10, and 12 on Tuesday, March 30th as Juniors will be taking the ACT at school and other tests on this date.  We need 30+ classroom spaces to properly space all of the participants for these important tests.  This will require using the large majority of available space at CLHS.  Students in Distance Learning will receive instruction on that day, but at home.  With these disruptions during the final week of Term 3, we felt it best to start our full, In-Person learning model at the beginning of Term 4.

    Access the updated school calendar for March-June 2021 here.

    As we shift into Term 4 and an In-Person learning model, we want to provide families with the option to keep your student’s current learning model or make a change at this time.  The following learning models will be available to families for Term 4:

    • Full In-Person learning for grades K-12
    • Parent-choice distance learning, aka: “Wildcat Academy”

    A Term 4 Learning Model Survey will be sent to families on March 15th.  If you would like to change your student’s learning model (i.e. move into or out of Wildcat Academy) please complete this survey.  If you want to keep your student’s current learning model, you do not complete this survey.  Students currently enrolled in the Hybrid Model for grades 6-12 will automatically roll into our full, In-Person model on the dates listed above and do not need to complete the survey.

    Moving to full, In-Person learning is contingent upon COVID numbers staying low internally and our ability to staff our programs.  If we find ourselves with high COVID positive cases and quarantined numbers or short of staff, we may not be able to open at that time as our return dates approach.

    Continued Requirements an In-Person Learning Model:

    • Quarantining of students and staff when exposed (6’ or less for 15 minutes or more over a 24 hour period). Quarantines can happen not only for individuals but at the class and bus levels as well.
    • Masks/Face Coverings
    • Social Distancing
    • Student wellness checks at home
    • Continued emphasis on covering coughs, washing hands, and staying home when sick
    • Encouraged: COVID testing for students every two weeks. If you are looking for resources for COVID testing for your family, please use this link.

    As Spring Break approaches, please note students who travel outside the United States must:

    1. Get tested 3-5 days after travel AND stay home for 7 days after travel.
    2. Even if you test negative, stay home for the FULL 7 days.
    3. If your test is positive, call the school nurse and isolate yourself to protect others from getting infected.
    4. If you don’t get tested, you must stay home for 10 days after travel.
    5. Families are encouraged to have a plan for their children in the event your child needs to quarantine.
    6. Please click the following link for NEW possible shortened quarantine information:  LINK.

    Please look for information in a message on March 15th for those who want to make a change for your student from our In-Person model to Wildcat Academy (Distance Learning full-time), or from Wildcat Academy into the In-Person learning model.

    Warmer weather, Spring Break, and better days ahead.  We appreciate your continued patience, flexibility, and support. 

    Dean A. Jennissen, Superintendent

Technology Message

  • 1/11/2021

    Dear Families, 

    As we return to in-person learning, our technology needs are changing as well. 

    While we are in a Hybrid Model, we need technology access both at home and in school. As we transition to full In-Person Learning, our needs continue to change so that we can support teaching and learning with technology in classrooms. The following plans are outlined by grade level. 

    Wildcat Digital Learning: A Device for Every Learner 

    1. Grades Pre K-2: Students will return any school-owned device the week of February 9th (First in-person week). 

    2. Grades 3: Students will return any school-owned device the week of February 23rd (First in-person week). 

    3. Grades 4-5: We intend to Provide 1:1 devices while they are in-classrooms to students in grades 4-5. Any 4-5th grade students will return the school-owned device the week of February 23rd (First in-person week). We are asking any 4-5th grade student who does not have a school-issued device to fill out our Device Agreement by 1/15/21: CLSD Device Agreement (link).

    4. Grade 6-7: We are expanding our Bring-Your-Device program to Grades 6-7, and also checking Chromebooks out to any student who does not already own a portable device they can bring to school. We intend to continue this plan through the 2021-22 school year and beyond. For those who already own a device they are comfortable with their child bringing to school, please do so.  We will check out a school-owned Chromebook to any student who does not have a technology device they can carry back and forth to school while in Hybrid or In-Person Learning.  That device travels with students between school and home. If your student needs a Chromebook, please fill out the following Device Agreement for a school-issued Chromebook by the end of 1/15/21: CLSD Device Agreement (link).

    5. Grades 8-12: BYOD Program - Students will continue to bring their own devices to school for learning. 

    6. Special Programming: Determined based on need. 


    Eric Simmons, Director of Technology Services 
    Chisago Lakes School District 

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